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undergrad, grad, thesis, work, render

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detroit, vancouver, tokyo, bella coola

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Graduate Project w/ Oliver Neumann

Craft in the Digital Age

An investigation on how using digital technologies as an agent of craft production can be used to produce a building system within a culturally sensitive region.  

Study Abroad Tokyo w/ George Wagner

Metabolist Renovation and Datsu Sara

Two Projects involving the urban and social conditions present withing modern day Tokyo. The first a nod to the Metabolist movement and the second provides a place of learning for the entrepenureial ex-salary man

Comprehensive Studio w/ Matthew Soules 2012

Social Exchange Network.

Re-examining the current method of podium-tower condo in Vancouver’s Granville Slopes area.  Dividing basic program elements of the typical apartment into sleep & living aspects provides a communal solution to encourage social interaction within tenants lacking in the current condo typology. Units are grouped into four sleep capsules to one living in response to population demand allowing for multiple units to be owned/ occupied by a family. 

Haptic Studio w/ Rebecca Bayer 2011

Haptic Transport.

Haptic intervention within major city infrastructure. Public transportation within the city is consolidated from multiple disparate locations. Responding to the rhythm transportation schedules areas of pause are created to allow interaction of passengers with each other and with the city itself. Various levels of passage are created to allow slower sea wall pedestrian traffic to intersect but not interfere with rapid transportation flows.

Haptic Studio w/ Rebecca Bayer 2011

Haptic Intervention.

Haptic intervention within the city. Common pedestrian through-way is transformed into sections of pass and pause.  An adjustable canopy and movable seating allows for customization to respond to use needs. 

Haptic Studio w/ Rebecca Bayer 2011

Haptic Trajectory.

Haptic investigations & interventions along a path within the city

more to come?